Choosing Soft, Luxurious Carpet For Your Bedroom

How to Choose Soft & Luxurious Carpets for Your Bedroom with Ease?

By Dublin Carpets  Posted May 6, 2019 

Would you like to have soft, cosy & luxurious carpet for your bedroom? Fitting new carpet can create the ideal look and feel for your bedroom. Perhaps you have been wondering why you should consider carpeting over other flooring options? Well, choosing the best carpets in Dublin is a practical choice which adds ambience, warmth and acoustic protection to your bedroom.

The winter months are fast approaching. Cold dark mornings can be improved if you have plush thick carpet to lay your feet on! It is also the last thing which your feet touch before you collapse into your bed at night after a long chaotic day.  You may consider this to be a minor detail but trust us, high quality carpets can go a long way and stand the test of time. Hard wearing premium carpet fitted by experts at There’s a plethora of different options on the market but how can you decide what’s best for your bedroom?

Here’s our quick guide below that offers you the tips to make an informed decision.

4 Useful Tips to Choose the Best Carpets in Dublin & Meath for Your Bedroom

1.      What’s Your Budget?

Of course, affordability is one of the most important considerations to keep in mind when on the hunt for new carpets. Since the cost of flooring depends on the room’s dimensions, it’s best to ensure you measure your space accurately before you make an inquiry or request a quotation. So, now that you have set your budget, it’s time to move to step 2.

2.      Considering the Quality, Comfort & Warmth

This is another crucial factor you must take into consideration when buying the carpet, especially if you’re trying to make a decision for your children’s bedroom. Kids spend a lot of time in their bedroom and they usually like to play on the floor. Installing soft thick carpeting can protect their knees, hands & elbows by means of a constant cushion as well as keeping them warm, as opposed to sitting on a cold hard floor for an extended period of time. Not only that, a superior high-quality carpet can absorb sound and suppress loud noises.

3.      Choosing a Suitable Colour

Neutrally-coloured carpets like grey or brown are the safer options as they work with most decor and wall colours. In our opinion, it’s probably best to avoid carpeting that’s extremely light like white or beige because they cannot hide dust and dirt as easily. The darker options can also make a neutral bedroom look more tasteful & interesting.

4.      Pay Attention to the Texture

Carpeting in a bedroom should be as soft and comfortable to the touch as possible. The last thing you want is carpet which feels rough on your feet. This makes picking the right texture a key consideration when installing the best carpets available for your chosen budget. Since the perfect texture can give the carpet in your bedroom an appearance which is most pleasing to the eye, it is a matter of aesthetics too, you know? For a superior luxurious feel, look for carpeting with a plush and fluffy texture. If you’re feeling extra frivolous, why not choose velvet carpeting which has a soft, sumptuous feel.

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